We are America and America is home seeks to put an Asian American and Pacific Islander presence and voice to shape the historical dialogue on comprehensive immigration reform. Asian American turnout for 2012 was high and one of the main reasons for voting was immigration. We will be voicing our presence through our photo contest to move the dialogue towards our families and how they cannot be separated from our communities.

Our Principles are:


We support a comprehensive approach to fixing our nation’s immigration system including a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented, reuniting families, and a way for all current and future immigrants to work, contribute and integrate into this country they call home.


What we want to see for our community:


–Bring millions of hard working undocumented immigrants and their children out of the shadows and provide them a path to citizenship.

–Keep families together by preserving the family immigration system, eliminating the immigration backlogs, stopping mandatory and indefinite detentions and cruel deportations for minor infractions.

–Protect all workers regardless of their immigration status.

–Allow students to reach their full potential through access to college.

–Protect and restore basic rights and liberties, including allowing every person to have their day in court.

–Promote the social , economic, and political integration of immigrants.


We are part of the fastest growing community in this country and we believe that we must speak out and raise our voice for our families and communities.   

Please join our photo contest to ensure our voice and community be continued in the narrative of We are America, America is home!


If you are interested please contact

Dong Yoon Kim at Phone: 202-299-9540

Email: dkim@nakasec.org

With the photos and stories, we plan on advocating for our community voices in the historical debate on immigration.