Announcement to Protect Undocumented Youth

Announcement to Protect Undocumented Youth

On the morning of Friday June 15, the Obama administration announced a policy change to protect over 800,000 undocumented youth from unjust and immoral deportation. The policy change recognizes the rights of these young people, many of whom did not know they were undocumented until they began to apply to college.  This policy change is a first step in giving young people a chance to pursue their dreams of a higher education and opportunities to build their future in this country.

One of our youth a leaders Ju Hong, an undocumented student from Northern California was overcome with a mix of emotions after hearing this announcement.  He stated “I first found out about this announcement when my friends texted me early in the morning, then I saw it all over Facebook. I was so excited, I almost burst into tears. I have lived in fear of being separated from my friends, my family. Today, I feel liberated from my fears at least temporarily. This policy change could allow me to better focus on my school work, provide for my family, and continue to fight for the DREAM Act and immigration reform.”

You can read more about Ju’s story here

Echoing Ju’s concerns the fight for a permanent path to citizenship is one that we need to continue.  The parents of these young people and other undocumented individuals not meeting the eligibility requirements should be given an opportunity to work, to contribute to this country and to stay together with their families.

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